Company Profile

“Contribute agricultural productivity and improvement of food self-sufficiency in the Philippines”

We believe we can contribute to the Philippines by mechanisation of agricultural process through our products.
Our high quality product can provide more effective food production and enable farmer to increase their yield and profitability. That leads to improvement of food self-sufficiency and can make life in the Philippines better.

A Few Words About Us

Kubota Philippines Inc (KPI) is a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation of Japan which is one of major agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world. KPI is the largest agricultural machinery distributor in the Philippines and provides agricultural machinery to customer through our authorised Kubota dealers.

Kubota group started to have business in the Philippines in 1960s from multipurpose diesel engine, then Tractor, Combine harvester and Transplanter as represented were introduced later. We will continue to provide high quality agricultural machinery product supported by Japanese technology and technics.

Mission statement of Kubota Philippines Inc

“Contribute agricultural productivity and improvement of food self-sufficiency in the Philippines”

KPI Objectives

Our product performance

There are over 10000 units of combine harvester and 8000 units of tractor sold by KPI in the Philippines thanks to well acceptance by professional farmers. KPI will continue to provide more efficient and professional product to improve your farming business from now on.

KPI Services

After-Sales Service

Our authorised dealers provide professional service, warranty, maintenance and repairing. The quality is monitored and maintained by KPI through periodical training.

KPI Dealer


KPI maintains professional authorised dealer network nationwide. There are over 40 dealers and each of them has several outlets in their respective region. You have confidence to get support anytime.



Kubota Philippines


“For Earth, For Life” – the KUBOTA Group promises to continue supporting the prosperous life of humans while protecting the environment of this beautiful earth.



Food, water, and the environment are indispensable for human beings.

The KUBOTA Group continues to support the future of the earth and humanity by contributing products that help the affluent and stable production of food, help supply and restore reliable water, and help create a comfortable living environment through its superior products, technologies and services.


The world has many problems in the areas of food, water and the environment, which are indispensable for human beings.

Those problems are not separate themes, but linked closely to each other.

The population growth has a great influence on environmental changes, brings problems to water resources, and leads to the short supply of food.

The KUBOTA Group considers food, water and the environment as a singular theme and contributes to solve problems in these areas.


KUBOTA GLOBAL LOOP = Relations among food, water and the environment

Food, water and environment are not separate themes, but linked closely to each other.

KPI Mission