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Kubota Joins the 13th Philippine National Corn Congress

Friday, November 24, 2017

Kubota Philippines Inc., in partnership with Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Distributor Association (AMMDA) and authorized dealer, Agri Component Corporation, joins the 13th Philippine National Corn Congress held at the Philippine International Convention Center on November 22-24, 2017. With the theme, “Reshaping Corn as Staple: for Health and Wellness,” the congress was organized by the Philippine Maize Federation in partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA) through the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).

DA Secretary Emmanuel F. Pinol, as keynote speaker, encouraged the participants to “look beyond corn as material for feeds only and try to innovate and come up with new products for corn.” Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of technology use, financing for farmers, and marketing.

In line with the importance of technology use, Kubota displayed and promoted its machineries for corn such as the L5018 tractor and the DC-70 combine harvester. Moreover, it promoted other products for corn farmers such as the M9540 and M108 tractors for a larger scale of corn farming. The participants include people in the agricultural and food sector from different places in the county, who travelled all the way to Manila just to attend the congress.