Kubota Philippines is a team of dedicated individuals who excel at what they do. Passionate, reliable, and supportive are just a few of the many positive traits you'll come across when working with us. Just like how we take care of our customers and the environment, we take care of our own too. Your journey with Kubota Philippines will challenge you to discover what you're truly capable of. Join a team that shares a love of bettering the country, skills for state-of-the-art service, and determination for career growth.

The reason why you should join us!

Ms. Genelle Gomez

Company Nurse

"Joining Kubota Philippines, Inc. a few years ago was a fresh start for me. Shortly after that, COVID-19 arrived in the Philippines and the Pandemic happened. My job has become more challenging, but despite all that, I felt the strong support of my team and the management in handling cases and controlling the spread of the disease. I am happy being part of this company because of the support and appreciation I receive from everyone I work with."

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