KPI offers professional services to take care of your Kubota machinery during its different life stages. Periodic Maintenance Services ensures the quality of your product is maintained for smooth farming operations.


Always take note of the following:


1. Delivery Instruction also called as DI

Upon delivery, all customer get enough explanation about product and policy from authorized dealers
in order to prevent incorrect operation, improper maintenance and several issues.


2. Periodic Maintenance Schedule

Customer has privileges to have 3 preventive maintenance services (PMS) at certain timing with free of labor charge.

Authorized dealers perform general inspection and adjustment to optimize the performance.
Customer have to call authorized dealer to secure the PMS date before the timing comes.


Combine Harvesters (all models)50, 200, 400 hours or 1-5-10 months
Tractor (B & L-series)50, 200, 400 hours or 1-5-10 months
Tractor (M-series)50, 500, 1000 hours or 1-5-10 months


*In case you don’t request PMS to Authorized dealer, warranty might be invalid due to improper maintenance.



Kubota Philippines is providing you with more knowledge on how to maintain and take good care of your Kubota Machinery in the proper way.


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